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How do pop-bys work?
Realtor pop-bys are an inexpensive gift that you can drop off with clients to reconnect or remind them you are still in the business. Pop-bys have been proven to be a successful way of gaining referrals and generate prospects. 
How can help?
We know real estate agents are busy so here at ...we offer a large selection of ready made affordable pop-by gifts and gift tags. All of our products are professional packaged and come with cleaver gift tags.  All you have to do is add your business card, pop by drop off and wait for the business to roll in.

Who can I give Pop-Bys to?
  • Past favorite Clients, Current Clients or Potential New Clients
  • A small area of a neighborhood you are farming
  • Open Houses
  • Vendor Booths or Faire's
How do I drop Pop-bys off?
  • For Past, current and potential clients, give them a quick call prior to coming over and let them know you would like to stop by really quick and just drop a little surprise or goodie off.
  • If you doing pop-bys for a neighborhood you are farming area.....just drop off a pop-by on the front porch or by the front door with a business card attached.
  • Set out about dozen pop-bys on the counter or by the front door during one of your open houses and allow visitors to take one.  Attached your business card to each one and give them something to remember you by.
  • If you going to be promoting yourself at local vendor show or Faire...set out some pop-bys with your card attached for passer bys to take with them.

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Definition of a Pop-By?


  1. A thoughtful and useful
    gift for a client.
  2. A token of appreciation
  3. The quickest way to
    generate fresh referrals


1990-ish < American < Irish
~Brian Buffini and Company